Attract/Develop Leaders

Find Them or Develop Them:
Getting the Leaders You Need

There are two tracks to finding leaders who will enable you to stretch your business goals and break through to new level of achievement: Hire them or develop them. Ideally, you’ll assemble a combination of both. Hired Leaders bring fresh thinking and new perspectives to your business. Internally developed Leaders have a point-of-view advantage, thanks to their intimate understanding of your organization, your products and the nuances of your operations.

Recruiting Leaders

As a hiring executive, I understand firsthand the importance of making the right decisions for both my company and potential candidates. Today, I help companies identify, evaluate, attract and hire leaders with a proprietary research and evaluation methodology. Social tools – including media footprints and employer performance – help me conduct more effective personal outreach and leadership evaluation. I also determine corporate culture and leadership style matches. So you get leaders that work within your organization.

Developing Leaders

U.S. businesses waste billions of dollars each year on Leadership Training – because they’re doing it all wrong. Leadership is not a classroom subject. You can’t spend a week at a leadership conference and emerge an effective leader.

I help organizations develop customized training plans for individuals or groups. The programs determine potential, set step-by-step plans and identify likely leaders. Then we execute a plan to cultivate each new leader’s skill set and personal style.